Heintzman & Co
Professional Heritage Style Upright 132cm (52″)
132E in Polished Mahogany
132E Satin Mahogany
132E in Satin Mahogany

* Final product might look slightly different than what is shown on this web site

Sample Color Polished Mahogany (top); Satin Mahogany (bottom)
Back Post 6 full backpost of finest Beech
Frame Cast Grey Iron Plate
Hammers Imported Germany Premium quality hammers
Keys Spruce keys. Individual balanced and lead weighted
Pedals Soft, Bass Sustain, Full Sustain, Mute bar
Pressure Bar Chromium Plated Steel
Pin Block 17 ply imported Beech from Germany
Strings Imported Gold Series Strings
Soundboard All Spruce Soundboard
Tuning Pin Chromium plated, thread cut
Warranty 10 Years Factory Limited Transferable
Width: 60.63 inches
Height: 52.17 inches
Depth: 26.18 inches