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Quality, Craftsmanship, Technology

Whether it is select Sitka spruce for the soundboard, premium mahogany for the hammers, or choice maple for the bridge, the material chosen for every distinct part of a world class piano must be perfect for the task.
From the initial design, to the selection of the finest materials, to the handcrafted beautiful body casing and finally assembly by Heintzman Craftsman, each Heintzman Piano is a symbol of great sounding musical instrument as well as beautiful furniture.
World Class Quality Components
Top Quality Soundboard
Top Quality SoundBoard
Close-grained, straight, quarter-sawn Select Spruce, a wood having unusual stability and vibrancy under stress is used exclusively for the Heintzman soundboard. Imported from Canada and Germany.
Cold Pressed Hammers
Cold Pressed Hammers
Premium wool top felt over premium wool under felt; treated to resist insects and moisture.  Compression-wired to retain permanent shape. Heintzman Piano hammers are imported directly from Germany. Manufactured by Renner and Abel Germany to Heintzman Specifications.
Heintzman only select “hand wound” Bass strings produced from special steel and pure copper wire.  Heintzman pianos Strings imported by MAPES USA and treble wire utilized by Roslau Germany.
Advanced Technology
Unique Heintzman Soundboard Design and Back Posts
Unique Heintzman Soundboard
The soundboard on Heintzman Upright pianos have high quality Spruce ribs, notched to the liner. The unique Heintzman Accousta Bars help eliminate undesirable overtones and allow longer sustain. The Six back post structure is made of beech wood on most upright models. These are designed to increase the pianos Strength and Tuning Stability.
Extended Keysticks
Extended Keysticks
The overall length of each keystick is extended to make playing easier and provide more even touch and response from the front to the back of the playing surface.  Keysticks are also designed with a slightly taller profile for maximum rigidity to deliver greater power.
Mute Function helps you practice quietly
Silence Switch
An easy-to-use “Mute Switch function” on the left bottom key bed of the piano is a standard feature in most of the Heintzman uprights.  Perfect muting for practicing or playing quietly in a small area.
Bass Sustain Pedals
Base Sustain Pedals
Heintzman Classic Series pianos have a very unique pedals system that initiate the soft function, bass sustain and full sustain. The middle bass sustain pedal raises all the dampers off the strings at the Bass section only, so that they keep vibrating after a key on the keyboard has been released. It adds much expressivity, allowing notes to resonate, and certain harmonies and notes to be connected together.
Master Craftsmanship

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